Unique Content Article: The Essential Role Of A Notary Public Philadelphia PA

The Essential Role Of A Notary Public Philadelphia PA

by Karina Frost

A notarial officer is a public servant who is nominated by a state official like a state secretary, governor, lieutenant governor or the state legislature. If a notary public works in any city in Pennsylvania, he or she can carry out a number of official tasks. These tasks include taking affidavits, verifications, acknowledgements and depositions, administering affirmations and oaths, certifying copies of documents and protesting dishonored negotiable instruments.

Public notaries are prohibited from providing their clients with legal advice or drafting documents like mortgages, contracts, wills, leases, powers of attorney, bonds and liens. Therefore, notaries cannot help their clients draft any document that needs to be notarized. By using the services of a <A href="http://www.statewideagency.com">notary public Philadelphia PA</A> dwellers can strengthen the validity of certain legal documents. The participating parties can also be protected from fraud.

If you want to have a certain legal document notarized, you should appear before a notarial officer and provide him or her with document that contains your name and a photograph. Examples of such documents are military IDs, drivers licenses and passports. Notarial officers are not required to have a lot of prior knowledge or specialized training. They are only required to pass an exam and undergo a background check in order to get a license.

Knowing the identity of a person before notarizing a document is essential. Therefore, the notarial officer may spend a few minutes verifying the identity of each person who is signing a legal document. After certifying a document, a notarial officer seals it with an official seal and records the transaction in a register. By having documents notarized, you can avoid being a victim of misrepresentation, scams, fraud or forgery.

Notarial officers help deter fraud because of the many requirements that need to be met before legal documents are notarized. One of these requirements is that you and other people signing a legal document have to do so in front of the notarial officer. This makes it difficult for imposters to try to get a phony document notarized.

Notaries also verify that the people signing legal documents understand what they are signing and that they are doing it under their own free will rather than under duress. This helps ensure that forced transactions do not take place. These officials also check the legal documents thoroughly before they are signed to make sure that they are complete. This helps ensure that a person does not blindly sign a paper that can then be utilized for any purpose.

Notaries are also required to record all transactions they notarize in a notarial journal. This journal becomes part of public records and serves as a paper trail that can be used as evidence if an act of fraud occurred or was attempted. In times when dealing with strangers is the norm, requiring certain documents to be notarized provides a significant level of protection against fraud.

You can find a notarial officer in various institutions or use the services of a mobile notary public. Some notarial officers work in banks. Banks hire them to ensure that any legal document that needs to be notarized can be officially witnessed by the notarial officers on their premises. They also work in government offices, police precincts, law firms and courthouses.

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