Unique Content Article: Learn About Health Insurance Options With Suwanee GA Insurance Agent Who Explains All Coverage

Learn About Health Insurance Options With Suwanee GA Insurance Agent Who Explains All Coverage

by Erika Ferrerat

There are requirements that must be met by everyone selling health care policies. They take courses to pass a licensing exam. For anyone seeking health insurance agents Suwanee GA has listings of those who are qualified.

There are pre-licensing courses a person must take. Then an examination must be taken. Upon passing the exam an application is submitted to a regulator in the state of Georgia.

The qualifications for becoming licensed are specific. They include passing a background check for criminal convictions. Fingerprinting will verify his or her identity.

An agent must be a trustworthy individual. He is responsible for making certain each policy covers what the client needs. In addition, he may do consultations and risk assessments for the company.

The health coverage is a contract. In return for paying a monthly premium, the insured receives coverage for benefits in the form of medical care. Certain expenses are covered.

In most policies the insured must pay for part of the cost of care. This is called the deductible amount. The amount varies depending on what the policy indicates.

Terms of a policy will differ from person to person. One example is the amount of the co-payments. A co-payment is the agreed upon amount paid for each service, a doctors office call for example.

If the insured is having a surgical procedure done, he may be required to pay a percentage of the total charges. The company will pay the rest. Depending on the terms, this applies towards the annual deductible.

Once the deductible amount is reached, the company is bound to pay for the balance of care. There may also be an upper limit to what the insurance company will pay in total. This can be an annual maximum or a lifetime maximum.

The cost of prescription drugs may have a separate schedule for co-payments. There may also be a maximum annually or a lifetime maximum. Also, there may be some drugs that are not covered.

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