Unique Content Article: California Large Group Health Insurance

California Large Group Health Insurance

by Jeannie Monette

Group insurance can be offered to employees of companies classified as large group employers. Most often, these are the companies with total number of employees of 50 or more, as many of the states require this as the minimum number, for insurance to be considered as group insurance. These are the insurance products offered specifically for the employees needs, most often are the medical plans, dental plans, and can even be for the optical or visualization needs of employees.

Insurance premium rates to be paid will be determined on the amount of participation in the cost of premiums to be shouldered by the employers and other factors that are to be considered. History of previous claims can also affect the amounts of insurance premiums to be paid. Past histories of claims made, not necessarily with the individual beneficiary only but the whole group as well, can have influence on the amount of insurance premiums. Overall costs of providing the health insurance coverage, especially if these are continuously rising, can also have influence on the premium costs.

Just because the employers chooses the insurance plans because they are paying partly, they should also choose the kind of insurance plans that employees will like. The plans should motivate them, so that they will become more productive. The plans are designed to cover the health needs of employees, and there are even some group insurance plans that also give coverage to the direct dependents of the employees. Insurance providers may have several insurance plan types and employers will just chose from there.

There are also states or also insurance providers that allow employers with less than 50 employees under their employ to avail of a group medical coverage, although may be with some restrictions, as provided for in the contracts. Premium rates may be somewhat different in these kinds of group medical plans, as provided for in insurance regulations and in the state where the company is situated.

There are also group insurance plans that give comprehensive care to employees and even to direct beneficiaries of the employees. This may be the more expensive type in a way, but with the many medical and health benefits that employees get, they may not be at a disadvantage at all. Employers can get discounts from insurance providers, thus may not also be exactly more expensive after all.

Whatever it is, employees can avail of better benefits if they are on a company's group health insurance plan. However, if ever they leave the group plan, they can still avail of the individual health coverage.

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Title: California Large Group Health Insurance
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